The Discussion Assignment Provides A Forum For Discussing Relevant Topics For This Week Based On The Course Competencies Covered. For This Assignment, Make Sure You Post Your Initial Response To The D Calculus Homework Help

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered. For this assignment, make sure you post your initial response to the D

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered.For this assignment, make sure you post your initial response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use outside sources. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your classmates. Participate in the discussions (which are your peer responses) by providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or by indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Your peer responses should be about 150 words each, follow APA format, and include academic citations.Complete your participation for this assignment by the end of the week.HomeostasisUsing the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about homeostasis. Based on your research and understanding, provide your response to the following tasks:Analyze the feedback mechanisms that maintain homeostasis, and what happens when these systems do not function appropriately. Provide two specific examples for each.Provide the organizational levels in order, beginning at the atom. Then, analyze how each level relates to specific functions and to each other.Evaluate metabolism, anabolism, and catabolism. Then, distinguish them by providing an example for each of these and the end result for that reaction.Analyze and define internal and external respiration in terms of physiology and anatomy.150 words ONLY!!!!!


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Forecasting Methods Student’s Name Institution Calculation of a five-year MA forecasting the mergers for 2012. : (Khatri & Madan 2015). =SUM (B9:B13)/5 == 240+225+186+97+123/5 =174.2 Year Mergers Five-year MA 2000 46   2001 46   2002 62   2003 45   2004 64   2005 61 52.6 2006 83 55.6 2007 123 63 2008 97 75.2 2009 186 85.6 2010 225 110 2011 240 142.8     174.2 Using the MA technique to find the 2005 to 2011 forecast. Measurement calculation using MAD and MSE. MAD = Summation of the AD/ 7 MSE= Summation of S E/ 7 Year Mergers     MAD 61.45714286             MSE 5378.508571                                             Slope 17.73426573             Intercept -8.772727273         References Khatri N. Dutt R. & Madan A. K. (2015). Role of Moving Average Analysis for Development of Multi-Target (Q) SAR Models. Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry  15(8) 659-676. Mao A. & Iravani M. R. (2014). A trend-oriented power system security analysis method based on load profile. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems  29(3) 1279-1286.


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Summary of two articles algebra homework help: algebra homework help

Instructor Course Name Date The author E. Anne Lown DrPH Laura A. Schmidt Ph.D. and James Wiley PhD Description of the document It is a research paper titled “Interpersonal violence among women seeking welfare: Unraveling lives from the American Journal of Public Health How the information in the report was produced A large northern California county was chosen and the complete list of GA and TANF applicants in its seven district welfare offices were shared with the study personnel. Walk-in were recorded and referred to the study. Out of the 1986 eligible persons domestic violence victims in an appropriate manner (Barber 39). Therefore to change the attitude held with regards to male domestic violence approaches towards male violence as well as enhance service provision there are calls for the society to raise awareness regarding domestic violence against men as well as support and encourage men to report any kind of violence.“Works Cited” Barber Christopher. Domestic Violence against men. Art & Science Vol.22 No.51 2008 pp.35-39Lown Anne. Schmidt Laura and Wiley James. Interpersonal violence among women seeking welfare: unraveling lives. American Journal of Public Health. pp. 1-21


Write a 250 word summary of each of the two documents (500 words in total). Each summary will include (in this order):•The full reference for your document (use correct Harvard/APA formatting). And the link or web address for the document.

•A summary of the content of the document in your own words. This is just a summary –you do not evaluate the article. You do not need to use in-text referencing. Use the information provided in the document to report on (where you can – not all documents will have all of this information):

*(Who) The author/s and their organisation.

*(Why) A description of the document (eg research report, policy commentary, etc) and the background/context/rationale provided.

*(How) How the information in the report was produced (for example, a research article might report on a survey; a position statement might have been produced as a result of consultation).

*(What) The main points, findings, arguments, positions presented in the document.

link of articles from where you need to summarize

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Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses social inequality and crimes of elites. homework help online free chat

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses social inequality and crimes of elites.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses social inequality and crimes of elites. Social inequality should obviously contribute to crime ranking. However, it is important to understand in what way it affects society and groups. There exist two major approaches to the reasons for making people commit a crime. Both of them are based on the concept of human nature. We all are supposed to be born with ‘inherent potentials and abilities’ that ‘interact with environmental influences to produce behaviour, some of which is considered criminal’ (Wiebe 2004). Why do some people violate the norms and laws of society? What is more responsible for the anti-social behaviour – external, objective circumstances or our inborn inclinations? The XIX-XX centuries are notable for paying extreme attention to the environment as the major shaper of an individual’s behaviour, sometimes even ignoring predispositions. These views must have spread due to the socialists’ ideology. Radical environmentalism treats human nature as one consisting of “vague and consequently plastic predispositions” that constitute “the indeterminate material that the social factor melds and forms” (Durkheim, 1895/1962, pp. 105-106, In Wiebe 2004). Another radical wing of scientists keeps to the theories based on the classical view of human nature, concepts developed by Hobbes and his contemporaries. The human is seen as a creature seeking ‘immediate gratification of selfish desires’ ready to ‘commit crimes in pursuit of this gratification’, which occurs ‘at the expense of the legitimate rights of others, undermining group interests’. In order to defend its interests, the group may either teach its members self-control or simply limit opportunities to satisfy impulses (In Wiebe 2004). Besides, these two theories, there exist a variety of others. Strain theory teaches that people commit a crime when they are blocked from their legitimate opportunities to attain the desired goals, which are determined by the dominant culture.


Lesson Plan & Presentation for Social Media and Personalized Learning computer science homework help: computer science homework help

Students are required to create and describe a lesson to the class that integrates a social media tool ( app, site, media,etc) with a view to enhancing personalized learning.


CHEM HW DUE IN 2 HOURS calculus homework help: calculus homework help



They Served Us, We Dont Serve Them homework help online chat free

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date They Served Us; We Don’t Serve ThemCurrently evidence of cases of the rise in homeless veterans in specific areas like Austin creates a concern for the dignity and treatment of ex-military soldiers in such areas. According to the statistical information majority of the individuals in America who are homeless veterans are men. In addition to this these individuals are suffering from severe cases of mental illness abuse of drugs and alcohol and are having troubles coping with life (Cockram David M. Peter D. Drummond and Christopher W. 165-187 2010). Furthermore as these individuals re-join the society they lack adequate socialization skills to ensure they blend well with the community. Such reasons together with cases of PTSD results to ex-military men lacking employment and being treated as minorities. The following paper highlights et 1410 1450 2010). Therefore people need to learn on how to interact with these people since it is essential in helping them to acquire civilization skills. Furthermore it helps in reducing war trauma that usually affects the mental capacity of the individual. In conclusion veterans face numerous challenges which require the immediate response that aim at increasing rehabilitation centers treatment facilities together with support homes for these war heroes. Works Cited Cockram David M. Peter D. Drummond and Christopher W. Lee. “Role and treatment of early maladaptive schemas in Vietnam veterans with PTSD.” Clinical psychology & psychotherapy 17.3 (2010): 165-182. Kimerling Rachel et al. “Military-related sexual trauma among Veterans Health Administration patients returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.” American journal of public health 100.8 (2010): 1409-1412. Spearman Kahron. “Collateral Damage.” N.p. 2017. Web. 10 Oct. 2017.


This is a college english paper. It is about how the veterans in america dont get the proper help with jobs, mental health, and healthcare. It should explain how they are treated as a minority and proven that they arent given the help they deserve. I need around 850 words. at least 3-5 peer reviewed citations. MLA format. double spaced Times new roman 12 point font. i need it by 8 pm central time tonight.


Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern Biology This assignment will focus on you describing a discovery, innovation, important finding and/or breakthrough in genetics, cell biology, and/or biotec free homework help: free homework help

Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern Biology This assignment will focus on you describing a discovery, innovation, important finding and/or breakthrough in genetics, cell biology, and/or biotec

Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern BiologyThis assignment will focus on you describing a discovery, innovation, important finding and/or breakthrough in genetics, cell biology, and/or biotechnology. Some examples include endosymbiont theory, in vitro fertilization, GMOs, cloning, genetic engineering, PCR, genetic fingerprinting, gene therapy and DNA sequencing. You can use your text, the South University library, or the Internet to help you find something that interests you.Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages and include the following:a description of our topic,the people behind the innovation,a consideration of the events, experiments, or ideas that lead to this discovery,how the innovation influences society, health, agriculture, wildlife, culture, and/or you personally,example(s) of applications from current news/magazine articles.


Gun Rights homework help calculus

Question – Gun Right Student Name Institution Affiliation Introduction The issue of gun rights can be traced back in 1968 after the assassination of the president John F. Kennedy. The Gun Control Act was passed to control the ownership and firearms business in America. According to the research during this period guns were sold over the counter via mail order or through the magazine to any adult in America. Notably since then Americans have been creating and amending policies and rights concerning the ownership of handguns in America. Similarly many special interest groups advocated rights for gun ownership while others promote gun-control. The two groups differ in their ideologies to protect civilians’ welfare; the gun-rights group advocate for ownership of guns among citizens for self-defense hunting and in sports. In contrast gun-control activists advocate for unlawful possession of weapons (Cornell Florence 2010). Besides they support the government of American in America. In conclusion many special interest groups are more dedicated to defending gun-right more than gun control. Although few associations support the gun control they support ownership of guns to the authorized individuals but condemn unlawful possession of guns. The government of American should find another way to protect human life rather than gun-control policy. It’s hard to change people traditions to new rules Americans are not ready to adopt Second Amendment Rights but they will always stick to the common rules that exist in their written constitution. Reference Blocher J. (2014). Gun Rights Talk. BUL Rev. 94 813. Cornell S. & Florence J. (2010). The Right to Bear Arms in the Era of the Fourteenth Amendment: Gun Rights or Gun Regulation. Santa Clara L. Rev. 50 1043. Swanson J. (2013). Mental illness and new gun law reforms: the promise and peril of crisis-driven policy. Jama 309(12) 1233-1234.


Write a 1,400- to 1650 -word analysis on one of the following issues in which you identify and discuss the role of special interest groups on the creation of policy related to public safety and civil rights: (Gun Rights)

Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.