Lessons Learned From The Mirai Botnet Attack Of 2016(Research Paper And PPT) Calculus Homework Help

Research the history of the attack and those responsible.What did this exploit?Why was it so much more effective than previous BotNet designs?What kind of mitigations would you recommend for protection?Research Paper GuidelinesFor this part of the group assignment, you will be writing a research paper in the following format using APA guidelines:INTRODUCTIONState the research question you are trying to answer (You will pick 1 of 3 available as a group)State why the question is importantState the issues involvedState why we should be concerned with resolving whatever issues are involvedState how answering the question will help usState the implications and consequences of dealing with or resolving the issues involvedREVIEW OF THE LITERATUREIdentify who has tried to answer the question before by doing the following:Summarize how each of the sources presents and deals with the subjectExplain how each source presents and deals with its findings or resultsExplain the relevancy of each source to your research questionState what you learned from each of your sourcesState in what way(s) each source contributes to answering your research questionDISCUSSIONState your answer to your research questionState how and elaborate on how, explain how, illustrate how each of the sources you previously reviewed help you answer your research questionState what questions about your topic you still have that your sources may not have answeredCONCLUSIONSState the conclusions regarding your topic you have reached from having surveyed, interpreted, evaluated the literatureIndicate how each of the sources have contributed to your conclusions (and clearly, accurately, correctly document those sources within your text)State the implications of your conclusionsState what might be the possible consequences of your conclusionsState the social significance these implications and consequences might haveDOCUMENTATIONOn a separate page, include a section labeled References which provides the full publication information for all the sources you used in your paperYou should have a MINIMUM of three (4) sources for your paperNot meeting this minimum requirement of three (4) sources will lead to a lower evaluation of your paper for each missing sourceUse APA format for documenting your sources-For APA help:Purdue OWL-For more details on journal types, refer to this link:Rutgers Library


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You will submit a Word document with the following information:1. What grade is this for and subject (a specific grade, not a grade range)? “Prefer 4th Grade”2. What TEKS are you trying to cover for this lesson plan?3. What is the lesson topic for the context and language objective you are preparing (what will they have been taught prior, and what will they be taught after)?4. What is the task of the learners? Provide details on the assignment/activity associated with the content and language objective.5. In the Lesson Plan Example you will find ALL the instructions to create the lesson plan in detail.*********IMPORTANT***********Review Example for instruction


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Create 3–5 PowerPoint slides in which you justify to your organization’s chief information officer (CIO) the need to integrate all clinical and administrative departments into a health information management system in your organization. Address the most significant and current health information exchange (HIE), EHR, HIPAA, and HITECH regulations in your state. After creating your slides, audio-record (no more than five minutes) how you would present this information to the CIO. You will use this information and the feedback you receive from your colleagues when completing your final course assignment.


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Homework is an integral part of learning. It helps the student retain more information that they were taught in school. It is also essential as it builds a student’s sense of autonomy and responsibility. Through homework, students can set their schedules and learn time management.Students are charged with a responsibility to find a system that works for them to complete their assignments. You can write down a schedule that is advantageous to you. Most students have a hard time completing their tasks on time. There arehomework help sitesthat are instrumental in relieving pressure om students by offering help to them with their homework. These sites are reliable and efficient in completing tasks.Tips for homework success are not as difficult as one may think. The following tips will help you complete your assignment successfully and in time:1. Start EarlyStarting your assignment early will increase your chances of presenting an excellent paper. An early start will enable you to plan your schedule properly, gather the right materials, and conduct ample research. It will also prevent you from becoming frustrated or anxious as these are common when one does their homework at the last minute.2. Jolt down the AssignmentsStudents are very busy individuals, and on an average day, they can have up to three assignments issued by different lecturers. This can pose a significant challenge when it comes to time management. You must write down the tasks you are given, the details of the homework, and the deadline. This will help you organize the work appropriately.3. Divide the WorkDifferent assignments come with specific instructions. Some tasks are longer than others and more complex. This will require more time to complete them. You can opt to break the assignment down to beat the deadline. The quality of the work will be much better if you do this.4. Choose an Area for WorkDoing your homework where you feel comfortable is an excellent decision. The area of work can significantlyaffect the quality of your work. Choose an area that has no distractions and has a table and an office chair. Make sure that you have all the school supplies nearby to avoid unnecessary movement.5. Homework RoutineIt may be a bit difficult to attain this, especially if you have extracurricular activities. However, it is still vital to develop a regular homework routine. Some students like to do their homework right after school; others prefer doing it the first thing in the morning. Find something that works for you and stick to the schedule.6. Incentive SystemIt can be a rat race adopting anexcellent assignment routineplus a balanced social life. However, prioritize what matters and then reward yourself appropriately. For example, if you complete three pages of your literature review, you can go out with friends for coffee. Delayed gratification is not easy, especially if you have had multiple classes during the week. However, it is necessary if you want to attain a good grade.Students who have a hard time balancing their school life and social life tend to rely on college homework help sites. These sites are an excellent option if you have too much work on your plate. It is very easy to get overwhelmed in school if you are active in other areas such as sports. The sites help in reducing anxiety amongst students who are also college athletes.VerdictThese tips will help students build healthy study habits that will ease doing assignments. They are beneficial as students will get to focus more on learning. Students can use these strategies to save on time and reduce stress. These homework tips are an excellent way to meet educational objectives and be successful in any future endeavours. Students can also seek information from online homework help sites, which are unique platforms to obtain help for challenging assignments.


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Help me study for my Nursing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Write a paper (2,000-2,500 words) in which you apply the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to a communicable disease. Refer to “Communicable Disease Chain,” “Chain of Infection,” and the CDC website for assistance when completing this assignment.

Communicable Disease Selection

Hepatitis B

Epidemiology Paper Requirements

Describe the chosen communicable disease, including causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, complications, treatment, and the demographic of interest (mortality, morbidity, incidence, and prevalence). Is this a reportable disease? If so, provide details about reporting time, whom to report to, etc.
Describe the social determinants of health and explain how those factors contribute to the development of this disease.
Discuss the epidemiologic triangle as it relates to the communicable disease you have selected. Include the host factors, agent factors (presence or absence), and environmental factors. Are there any special considerations or notifications for the community, schools, or general population?
Explain the role of the community health nurse (case finding, reporting, data collection, data analysis, and follow-up) and why demographic data are necessary to the health of the community.
Identify at least one national agency or organization that addresses the communicable disease chosen and describe how the organizations contribute to resolving or reducing the impact of disease.
Discuss a global implication of the disease. How is this addressed in other countries or cultures? Is this disease endemic to a particular area? Provide an example.

A minimum of three peer-reviewed or professional references is required.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide


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Please find attached a sample lesson plan from previous years as a guide to create your lesson plan. This is not perfect; the vocabulary and differentiation sections are lacking, (especially since specific special populations should be addressed in the differentiation section) but overall is a decent example which follows the template.Find below the resources you need to complete your lesson plan.Please make sure that you use the grading rubric as a guide for your lesson plan.


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chapter 1 (use chapter 1 power point)1. In your own words, describe what the following statement means to you and why?“In the absence of conclusive educational data, educational decisions should be based on assumptions which, if incorrect, will have the least dangerous effect on the student”2. Based on your professional and perhaps personal experiences, rate the following “Reasons for Optimism” for Inclusive Practices from 1 (most optimistic) to 4 (least optimistic) and explain your rating in the textbox below.• Inclusive Education and Schoolwide Reform   ________• Access to General Education Curriculum  ________• Positive Behavior Interventions & Peer Supports  ________• Self-Determination & Transition to Adult Life  ________3. Based on your professional and perhaps personal experiences, rate the following “Reasons for Concerns” for Inclusive Practices from 1 (greatest concern) to 5 (least concern) and explain your rating in the textbox.• Inconsistent Access to Inclusive Education ________• Questionable Quality of Curriculum & Instruction ________• Too Many Families are Frustrated by the Lack of Professional Responsiveness• Challenging Working Conditions for Special Educators _________• Limited Post School Options _________CHAPTER 2 (use chapter 2 power point)1. Identify and describe the six life cycle stages:2. Identify and describe IDEAs six principles:3. Given the unexpected emergency school campus closures due to COVID-19, explain how each of the following issues and concerns may be even more challenging for families with learners with significant disabilities. Provide possible solutions, interventions and/or strategies for each.CurriculumTechnologyHealthcareSupervisionEmploymentIndependent   Functioning


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Instructions:This is an independent assignment,   meaning that you maynotcollaborate with a   friend. If you talk together about the assignment and brainstorm ideas, you must be sure that what you turn in is only your work. Be sure to cite ideas that came from others, even if you are not quoting them (e.g., group discussions suggested that…). Do not present an idea as your own, if it is not.When you upload your assignment to the   D2L Assignments folder, you are stating that the work is your own. All assignments will be evaluated through TurnItIn, so any metadata that is not your own will flag an Academic Integrity Review.After you download the Excel Analysis   Data file associated with this assignment, please look through the data, and then respond to the following questions that are used to assess your   Information Literacy skills. This assignment asks you to think about when analysis tools like Charts, Filter & Sort, and PivotTables are useful for business decisions.Erica Wagner, your boss, sends you this   Excel file and gives you the following information. She says she wants your analysis when she returns from a conference next week.“Once you organize this data set. I need you to analyze the 18-19 academic year (summer, fall, winter, spring)   enrollment by course and term. I am giving a presentation to the new Provost in an attempt to convince her to invest more money in the undergraduate business program because we are growing both online and on campus. I think   the following stats will be convincing:The popularity of our undergraduate classes (numbers 100-499, please exclude 400-410 course        numbers)By concentration and BA coreFill rate and a total enrollmentWhat term/meeting day is the most popular and which is the least?Fill rate and a total enrollmentWhat is the ratio of ground campus classes versus online courses?By concentration and BA coreWhile you are running these calculates,   see what else you can interpret from the data that should also be included in my talk.Please get this to me by end of next week. Thanks!”Your   Deliverable:Write up your findings in a Word Document with an Executive Summary (no more than        800) that answers your boss’ questions. Use screen clippings of the analysis you did in Excel as evidence to support your conclusions (75%).Also        submit your Excel workbook that shows your calculations, charts,        figures, tables, etc. (25%).At this point, you should be very comfortable with some of the analytical tools within Excel, and this is an opportunity to show that. Be sure to follow the guidelines set in the BA 325 Information Literacy Expectations and the BA 325 Information Literacy Assessment Rubric (You may use any font size/style/paragraph spacing/line spacing that you are comfortable with).Due   Date: Nov 8, 2020 5:00 PM


For cloud computing to become multi-jurisdictional, it must be separated from politics. homework help for science

In 500 words or more, consider this statement: For cloud computing to become multi-jurisdictional, it must be separated from politics.Use at least three sources. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list.  Example: “words you copied” (citation) These quotes should be one full sentence not altered or paraphrased. Cite your sources using APA format. Use the quotes in your paragraphs


Assignment 6 and 7 for Scholarly Writing Course (CAPELLA) free online homework help

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Loginnand complete Unit 6 and Unit 7 assignments

I need you to include the student name on each assignment and cover page before submitting

STUDENT NAME: ShRonda Carter

Unit 6 Assignment is about reviewing a peers paper in the unit 6 discussion forum.once you log in you will see in Unit 6 Assignment the PEER REVIEW WORKSHEET that must be used for this review. Fill it out based on a student paper in the unit 6 discussion forum and upload it to thr assignment link once done

Unit 7 Assignment is a simple reflection of my wirting process this far. You can make this info up based on what the instructions ask for. Answer all questions asked, and then add the student name and info to the papers and uload to the unit 7 assignment link


Compare and contrast port forwarding and network address translation (NAT). homework help websites: homework help websites

Telecommunication and Network Security500 words,  APA format, citations and references


Read a case study and write an article computer science homework help

Navigate to one of the following case study sites:AHRQ Impact Case StudiesHealth Information Exchange Case StudiesJoint Commission: Articles, Case Studies, PublicationsExplore the available case studies, and selectone recent case studyyou want to evaluate.Read the case study and identify as much of the following components as possible:scope of the studyenvironment(s) examinedproblems identifieddata collected and analyzedchallenges the organization(s) facedchanges made to improve quality or efficiencyWrite a 350- to 525-word article that includes the following:Summarize the focus of the case study.Identify the data that was collected and analyzed.Contrast the outcomes of the study with current industry standards.Evaluate if these practices could be applied within your organization.Discuss the results of implementing a new practice.Include at least one citation of the case study in your article.Cite 3 reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


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A)  Richman Investments requires the enforcement of strict ingress-egress filtering policies for network traffic. Certain traffic is expressly forbidden:No peer-to-peer file sharing or externally reachable file transfer protocol (FTP) serversNo downloading executables from known software sitesNo unauthorized redistribution of licensed or copyrighted materialNo exporting internal software or technical material in violation of export control lawsNo introduction of malicious programs into networks or onto systemsNo accessing unauthorized internal resources or information from external sourcesNo port scanning or data interception on the networkNo denying service or circumventing authentication to legitimate usersNo using programs, scripts, or commands to interfere with other network usersNo sending unsolicited email messages or junk mail to company recipientsNo accessing adult content from company resourcesNo remote connections from systems failing to meet minimum security requirementsBuilding on the Internet and email use policy you created for Richman in a previous assignment, define a LAN-to-WAN, Internet, and web surfing AUP that restricts usage of the company’s Internet connection and permits the company to monitor usage of the corporate Internet connection. Carefully evaluate the implications of the policy and how implementations might impact the IT infrastructure, both positively and negatively. Weigh the benefits and the disadvantages of each method. Consider whether or not a proposed solution causes an interruption to legitimate users and how it might enhance security at the expense of preventing a perfectly legitimate activity.Required ResourcesInternet accessSubmission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft Word or compatibleFont: Times New Romans 12-point, double-spacedCitation Style: APALength: 1–2 pagesSelf-Assessment ChecklistI defined an effective LAN-to-WAN, Internet, and web surfing AUP.I evaluated the implications of the policy.I carefully considered the benefits and disadvantages of each policy enforcement control.I proposed strong ideas for acceptable and unacceptable resource usage.I followed the submission guidelines.B)   Enhance an Existing IT Security Policy FrameworkLearning Objectives and Outcomes§  Research standards.§  Write a remote access standard.§  Describe how procedures and guidelines fit within an IT security policy framework.Assignment RequirementsYou will receive the text sheet entitled “Existing IT Security Policy Framework.” It contains a scenario and an illustration of a portion of a company’s security policy framework. After studying the text sheet, complete the following tasks:1.  Research remote access standards on the Internet. For the given scenario, write a draft Remote Access Standard that will reduce the occurrence of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in the Remote Access Domain of an IT infrastructure. Include the minimum remote computer configurations, the use of anti-malware software, and the secure virtual private network (VPN) access in the Remote Access Standard.2.  Indicate the names of procedures or guidelines you would add under the Remote Access Standard.Required ResourcesText sheet: Existing IT Security Policy Framework (ts_policyframework)Internet accessSubmission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft Word or compatibleFont: Times New Romans  12-point, double-spacedCitation Style: APALength: 1–2 pagesSelf-Assessment ChecklistI wrote an appropriate Remote Access Standard, which includes the minimum remote computer configurations, the use of anti-malware software, and the secure VPN access.I included the names of at least two procedures or guidelines that would appear under the Remote Access Standard in the framework.I followed the submission guidelines.


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Help me write this paper. Here’s the information how I want it to be done ;Using Mircosoft Word, write two paragraphs of at least 250 words each to address the following prompts:1st paragraph: In your own words, articulate the challenge of accessing, transmitting, receiving and storing protected health information while using mobile health technology.2nd paragraph: Describe the recommended best practices both as outlined in this video but also from your own experience and intuition.video link; ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz1ddGJn1PM&feature=share)At the end of each paragraph, put in parentheses the total number of words for that paragraph in parentheses, e.g., (250)HealthIT.gov Resources: https://www.healthit.gov/topic/privacy-security-and-hipaa/how-can-you-protect-and-secure-health-information-when-using-mobile-device


Assigned reading critique (second one) java homework help

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Assigned reading critique- ( reading attached)

Times New font

1 page

Double spaced

-****How to do well on this assignment?-*******

-dont write it as a review!!!!

-but write it more as “How is that connected to me as a musician?”

-and “What am I thinking about? “

-“What is amazing about it?”

—–David Schroeder, From the Minds of Jazz Musicians, Routledge Press, Sheila Jordan Interview, Chapter 34, pp. (207-212) DUE 11-26-19


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1. Get an idea of what kind of information cookies store. You might find the following websites helpful: http://computercops.biz/article3911 www.ctc-solutions.co.uk/internet_security2.html www.howstuffworks.com/cookie1.htmlWrite a 2-page report (using APA Style) with Citations properly, Explaining in what way cookies can invade privacy


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Select a recent lesson plan you have written and implemented in your classroom.  This could be a plan for a singular lesson or a unit plan.  If you are not currently working you may use a sample you created for another class or locate a plan on the Internet.In 1-3 pages evaluate your plan relative to the content in this chapter and the readings.  How does your lesson compare?  What’s included? What’s missing?  How could this lesson plan be improved? APA style needed.


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In preparation for writing your report to senior management next week, conduct the following descriptive statistics analyses with Excel®. Answer the questions below in your Excel sheet or in a separate Word document:Insert a new column in the database that corresponds to “Annual Sales.” Annual Sales is the result of multiplying a restaurant’s “SqFt.” by “Sales/SqFt.”Calculate the mean, standard deviation, skew, 5-number summary, and interquartile range (IQR) for each of the variables.Create a box-plot for the “Annual Sales” variable. Does it look symmetric? Would you prefer the IQR instead of the standard deviation to describe this variable’s dispersion? Why?Create a histogram for the “Sales/SqFt” variable. Is the distribution symmetric? If not, what is the skew? Are there any outliers? If so, which one(s)? What is the “SqFt” area of the outlier(s)? Is the outlier(s) smaller or larger than the average restaurant in the database? What can you conclude from this observation?What measure of central tendency is more appropriate to describe “Sales/SqFt”? Why?


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Read the “Security Guide One-Stop Shopping” case study in Chapter 7 of the textbook. Research and choose a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider (e.g., Infor, SAP, Oracle) that best aligns with PRIDE Systems from the case study.Write a 750-1000 word paper that includes the following:A description of the security measures the solution provides.An explanation of how the solution aligns with the organization’s various compliance requirements (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, SOX).A description of the relationship or strategic balance between improving process quality and ensuring data security as organizations implement the ERP solution.An explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of moving from information silos with segregated data to enterprise information systems with co-located data.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.


GF4 statistics homework help

Create an open-ended question regarding the textbook reading. Along with the open-ended question, a brief explanation providing context to the question.After I receive the responses from the others, I will post them so that you can complete the final responseAPA formatted final response (which includes the original open-ended question) with a minimum of 500 words and 3 in-text citations.


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This week you have the final full video lecture for the course. Watch the video lecture and there is also important information on completing the final for the course to enhance your success. For the final you will submit a Word document in APA format to address the following questions from the textbook:

Chapter 31: Operational Risk Management Case Study

Respond to the following questions on pp. 557 – 558 of your Textbook. The exam questions are:

1.) Question 2, p. 557

2.) Question 3 & 4, p. 558

3.) Question 5, p. 558

4.) Question 6, p. 558

25 points per exam question.

80% – Content development: includes the development of the response, use of techniques, and full explanation of your work.

20% APA Style for references (in-text citation and References are to be applied to each question

Here is the google drive link for the video lecture


attached the text book


From the video clip below create a seven- to ten-slide presentation on the enthalpy regarding the fire and smoke homework help: homework help

From the video clip below create a seven- to ten-slide presentation on the enthalpy regarding the fire and smoke. You many use various sources, including your textbook and other scholarly material. Since you will not be presenting this PowerPoint to your instructor in person, you may need to add written explanation for the contents of your slides. If this becomes necessary, you may use the PowerPoint slide “notes” function to provide brief explanations.You will need to emphasize key points taken from this unit to fully discuss enthalpy and how it relates to the video clip of the thick black smoke pulsing from the warehouse.Click here to access the video clip.Visual emphasis, such as bold, italicized, or underlined text, should be used sparingly in order to maximize the prominence of key points. Each slide should address a single concept, and slides should follow a logical progression, each building on the other.Treat your PowerPoint slides like you would any research paper—provide in-text citations and a reference slide for any outside sources, including direct quotations, paraphrased words or ideas, tables and data, and images. The title and reference slides are not included in the required slide count.


MTH/221 – Discrete Math For Information Technology – Final Exam free online homework help chat

Answer the exam math questions found in the word document with a passing grade.


Digital Archival free online homework help chat: free online homework help chat

From our weekly chapter reading, digital preservation can be defined as the long-term, error-free storage of digital information, with means for retrieval and interpretation, for the entire time span the information is required to be retained.  Though this assessment holds true to the authors, business organizations continue to face significant challenges in meeting their LTDP needs, especially those organizations whose primary mission is to preserve and provide access to permanent records.Looking at your identified industry for your paper, what considerations would have to be made in developing a long-term archival plan for a company within that industry?Provide an outside source that applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic or the source (please cite properly in APA)


reply IFSM 3 homework help for science

please reply to the three students discussion


Wk 6 Professional Learning Community Presentation how does homework help students

Wk 6 Professional Learning Community Presentation [due Mon]Assignment ContentUsing the information from the Implementing a Professional Learning Community template completed throughout the course as a guide you will create a new presentation. Your school colleagues are the intended audience and you are informing them about where your school is in the PLC journey and your ideas for some next steps. You SHOULD NOT use the same presentation slides as your weekly template.Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation (or equivalent presentation approved by your instructor) that highlights the major action steps to implement professional learning communities at your current school or setting using the following responses on your template as a guide:Laying the Foundation of a PLCEffective CommunicationClearly Defined OutcomesMonitoring Each Student’s LearningBuilding a collaborative cultureUsing School Improvement Goals to Drive Team GoalsTurning Data Into InformationSystematic Intervention


Implementing a Simulation of basic operations of Operating System. physics homework help: physics homework help

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1. Simulate the following process of the kernel of an O.S :

Dispatching, scheduling transitioning

Dispatching following a round robin technique and priority

Change the status of process accordingly

2. Create two threads of the same program in JAVA and run them at the same time. Choose the kind of thread and the program you like. You can also use the runnable interface or the thread class.

3. Describe in your own words with all possible details, the process execution in SOLARIS of a program that generate several processes and several threads in a multicore system.(at least half-page)

The code for the simulation in 1) can be pseudocode or a programming language.
A Diagram representing classes, methods, functions or any other structure must be provided
Please do not plagiarize


You can refer to this book and ppt.




Please do not plagiarize


World Religions economic homework help

Assignment:Students are to attend a religious ceremony preferably of a faith tradition other than their own and write about the experience. In so doing the student will research the religious denomination, outline its tenets and major belief and explain its affiliations. The student will explain the ceremony and its significance within the faith life of the community. Particular attention should be given to the sermon, homily or moral discourse that was offered at the ceremony. Finally, students must supply a link to the religious community and submit as accompanying documentation a bulletin, flyer or congregation notes for the congregation. As per the syllabus this assignment will constitute twenty (20%) percent of the student overall grade for the course.Introduction/Overview: (Two pages)In this portion of the paper the students are to name the religious denomination that they selected and outline the major beliefs and structure of the religion. In this section students should also explain the affiliation that the local congregation has to the founding religion. As an example, if a student attended a reform temple in Judaism the student would outline the belief of reform Judaism major tenets and how it differs from other branches of Judaism as well as the affiliation of the temple.Ceremony: (Three pages)Students are to identify and explain the ceremony that they attended and list and document the date attended. In this section attention must be given to the elements of the ceremony including an overview from the homily, sermon or moral discourse offered during the ceremony.Conclusion: (Two pages)In this section students are to provide a summary of the experience of the assignment and any lessons learned. Did they find the experience valuable? Did the student learn from the assignment? If so what was gleaned from attending the ceremony?Format:The paper is to be seven pages double spaced 12-point print. Students should have a cover page that is not part of the page count. The cover page must list the title of the religion selected and the congregation identified, and the date and name of the ceremony attended. On the cover page the students should list their name, class and professor name as well as a date submitted.


Interactive 5 homework help tutor: homework help tutor

Create an array


Discussion: Textbook Reading – ch 7 and ch 8 (250 words) homework help computer science: homework help computer science

InstructionsRead Chapters 7 and 8 (find in attachments)Respond to the following questions:What was the most useful takeaway for you from this workshop’s reading?What concept from the reading is the most applicable to you now in your profession, and how might you implement it?


IT Policy homework help

1. List at least 5 differences between criminal law and civil law2. Natural law and examples3. when freedom of speech is not allowed? — give at least one example of when this might be the case.4. The moral theories of business ethics. Give one example on each theory.4. How effective will a code of ethics (include Sarbines-Oxley Act in your answer) be in preventing an unethical conduct?5. Bitcoin and crypto currency has bloomed since 2009. Answer the following:a. Will it be accepted and regulated by the central bank to be used as trading mechanism in the near future?b. Which is your favorite crypto stock & why?c. Which country in you opinion will become the first in regulating the use of crypto currency in daily transaction?


week 4 Journal math homework help app: math homework help app

Special Education Reflection JournalAccording to Maureen Costello, the director of Teaching Tolerance, we all have implicit biases. These implicit biases are unconscious and involuntary. Fortunately, Costello offers a solution concerning personal bias. She says, “We can mitigate them. We can interrupt them. You can train your mind to catch yourself. It’s like breaking a habit, but the first thing you have to do is become aware of the habit” (Flannery, 2015). Biases regarding student’s ability levels are common in special education and can result in expectations that fail to challenge or support a child’ education. “Special education is the most heavily litigated area of school law. Parents and their children with disabilities have well-defined legal rights and clearly articulated procedural due-process rights. Consequently, the legal rights of children with disabilities should never be ignored out of expediency, personal bias, or ignorance” (Stader, 2013, p. 181).To complete this journal, you will first need to take the Disability Implicit Association Test (IAT), one of several tests that were development to educate the public about hidden implicit biases. To take the test go to https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html (Links to an external site.). Read the disclaimer and then click on “I wish to proceed” at the bottom of the page. Click on the button labeled “Disability IAT” and follow the instructions to take the test. The test takes about ten minutes to complete.After you take the test, do not report your results. Instead, use the experience as background information to respond to the following questions in your journal:Were you surprised by your results?What impact do you believe your result has on your instructional/leadership practices?How does understanding your own implicit bias better equip you for respectful engagement with diverse populations?Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


ass 7 cpm homework help

1.Using a Web browser, perform some research on a newer malware variant that has been reported by a major malware containment vendor. Using a search engine, go to the vendor’s Web site; this could be Symantec, McAfee, or any of their competitors. Visit one malware prevention software vendor. Search for the newest malware variants and pick one. Note its name and try to understand how it works. Now look for information about that same malware from at least one other vendor. Were you able to see this malware at both vendors? If so, are there any differences in how they are reported between the two vendors?2.Log management and log analysis are techniques used to collect and report on what’s happening on a network. Visit the log management community’s Web site at www. syslog.org. This site is devoted to log management tools and the techniques to use the tools. Click the Compliance tab and read the material found there for more information about what are considered best practices for log management.3.Depending on copyright, the documentary “The KGB, the Computer and Me” may be available for viewing on public video-streaming services. Use a search engine to search for the title, and watch it if it is available. (The video remains available as of 2012. It runs about 57 minutes.)