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Download the Fall_2019 database posted in the Access and Data Analytics Test Module under CONTENT on BeachBoard. 2.Ensure that primary keys are set and establish appropriate relationships among the tables: Stores, Vendors, Purchases, and Purchase_Items. Stores and Vendors should be linked to Purchases. Purchases should be linked to Purchase_Items. 3. Prepare the following queries, naming the queries qa, qb, qc, qd, corresponding to the identifying letters below: 

a. Use the purchase_items table to calculate the dollar amount of each item purchased in an extension query; name your new calculated field purchase_item_amount and format it appropriately. 

b. Use qa and the purchases table to sum the purchase item amounts for each purchase in an accumulation query; include all fields from the purchases table and the purchase_item_amount field from qa; name your summed field purchase amount and format it appropriately. 

c. Use qb and the vendors table to sum the purchase amounts from each vendor in another accumulation query; include vendor number, name, city, and state; name your summed field vendor purchases and format it appropriately. d. Use the qb query. Keeping all fields from qb, calculate the month of the purchase; name that field purchase month.  


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 Question 1  :    please share your views on ONE of the discussion topics.What achievements in literature, art, science, and philosophy occurred during the Hellenistic period? What distinctions do you see in these areas from the Greek to the Hellenistic period?It has been said that the Hellenistic Era witnessed a shift from the polis to the cosmopolis.  What does that really mean?  Is it an accurate statement?  Why or why not?  Be specific.  150 word    


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Assessment Instructions

In this assessment, you will complete the programming of two Java class methods in a console application that registers students for courses in a term of study. The application is written using the object-oriented features of the Java programming language. The application does compile and does run, but it does not produce the expected result as stated in its requirements.

Your program output should look like the sample output provided in the “Complete the Programming of an Object-Oriented Console Application Instructions” course file resource. Full instructions for successfully completing this assessment are included in this resource. Use the submission template (WeekXSolutionSubmissionTemplate.docx).

Your assessment will be scored on the following criteria:

Design a program that meets object-oriented design requirements.

Code an application that exercises object orientation.

Test the application and document that testing.

Explain the approach taken to develop the application and the major decisions made.

Identify relevant fundamental constructs in a submitted program.


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HIST 1302 Course Final. 

You will find all the documents you will need to analyze within this file. The questions you need to answer are at the end of the attached document. For this Course Final, you will be expected to:

1. Follow the formatting requirements of your previous PDA assignments (margins, font, font size, double spaced, etc) i.e MLA format. You do NOT have to tie the four questions together into a cohesive narrative, just answer each of the questions individually. You will submit this Course Final as a single paper with your individual responses to the five questions separated within it, either by numbers (1., 2., 3., and 4.), page breaks, or both.

2. Ensure that your responses to the (5) five required questions are a MINIMUM length of ONE FULL  PAGE per question for a total submission length of at least 5 full pages. Try to make it 6 full pages.

3. Use evidence provided by the documents as well as your knowledge gained throughout this course to support your arguments. No need of citations.


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TASK 1            Assignment: Hot Seat Case – Negotiation (Two page)

Read the Manager’s Hot Seat Negotiation. Participate with the interactive questions during the reading answer and submit the following questions via this activity.

1.  Without planning and determination of one’s initial offer, target point, and resistance point, a negotiator may be at a disadvantage during the negotiation. What evidence of planning was demonstrated by Alisa and Katherine?

2.  For both Alisa and Katherine, describe how planning impacted their ability to successfully negotiate.

3.  What aspects of the distributive and integrative bargaining approaches did Katherine demonstrate during the negotiation? Justify your answer with examples from the scenario.

4.  What aspects of the distributive and integrative bargaining approaches did Alisa demonstrate during the negotiation? Justify your answer with examples from the scenario.

5.  What is the superordinate goal in this situation? How would a discussion of this goal aid the negotiation process?

6.  Katherine discussed a potential solution (bonus sharing) that had not previously been discussed before. Is this an example of “unlawful circumvention” according to labor laws? Why or why not?

7.  Assume Katherine refused to make a concession to Alisa’s request. According to the National Labor Code, could Alisa organize a strike?

8.  Assume you are representing management (like Katherine in this scenario). What exactly would you do in this situation? Indicate a specific example for each of the key negotiator behaviors.


Task 2            Module Review Questions ( Two page)

These review questions will identify a few key topics from the chapters and learning objectives in Module 8. Answer all four questions.

1.  What does it take to be a successful mediator?

2.  If preventable violence takes place in the workplace, is the employer legally liable?

3.  The approach to EAPs has changed since they were first introduced around 1950. What is the new philosophy regarding EAPs?

4.  What is a sweetheart contract?


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Case Study: Blackberry Hill Farm

page 384

Read the case study and answer the following questions. Provide an introduction, a conclusion, and refrences.

Key issues

Capacity management in both services and manufacturing in a seasonal business

Quality – service trade-offs

Inventory – availability trade-offs

Marketing/operations interaction

Strategy in small businesses.


1. How do the overall objectives of the business impact on the capacity management of the

various parts of the farm?

2. How important is demand variation to this business as a whole and to each of its separate


3. How could the farm as a whole and each of its separate attractions cope with demand


4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed new ventures (Schoolroom vs. Maize

maze)? What advice would you give Jim and Mandy regarding this year’s new venture?

Use APA format.

Provide a cover page.


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I have attached assignment and what is needed.

Apply the concept of employment at-will and its various exceptions, including differences in approach to at-will among the states.

Write two 175-word memorandums based on the scenarios in one document. The memos should be written in third-person voice, and include citation of references (both in-text and at the end of the memo) in APA format.


Bennett-Alexander, D. & Hartman, L. (2015).  Employment law for business (8th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Education



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Change Model Assignment Assume you are the Sales and Marketing Director for Sea Treasures, a small group of well-known retail stores specializing in exotic sea life and high-end accessories for aquariums.   The company has been in business for over 50 years, but the customer base is shrinking, sales are slow, and you are faced with reducing staff and closing stores.   Sea Treasures will be out of business within a year if innovative and creative changes are not made quickly.   After many months, you have finally been able to convince the owner that the only way to sustain the business and increase revenue is to create an Internet Website to sell the large inventory of aquarium decorator items (currently gathering dust in a costly warehouse) .  This will be a short-term, small scale change.  Six months later, you will expand the Website to sell live sea creatures such as tropical fish and small sea turtles online, which is a long-term, large-scale change.You face many challenges in this transformational change initiative, beginning with strong employee resistance, new technology, and shipping methods.  Many small businesses have been faced with these same issues, and have made the transition successfully.  Consider the humble beginnings of Amazon, and look where they are today.  Selecting the best change model for this business, and implementing it step by step provides the foundation for creating an exciting new company.In 3 – 5 pages, explain which change model you would follow for the short-term change and which you would follow for the long-term change.  Provide rationale for your decision and discuss the effects that these changes would have on the employees, managers, and executives within the organization.  Include at least three references and follow standard APA formatting for your paper.


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 Read the case study “An Auditor’s Dilemma” on page 408 of the textbook, and answer the questions at the end. Be sure to completely answer the questions. You may use outside sources to support your response, but be sure to cite outside sources using APA guidelines. Please include an introduction and conclusion. Other information: The textbook for this course is below. I need someone who knows and tutor or teaches Business Ethics to respond to this. If you have experience in answering these type of questions let’s do business.  I have attached the case in PDF. I need it back as soon as possible less than 24hrs. Due 06/28/2013 Textbook: Beauchamp, T. L., Bowie, N. E., & Arnold, D. G. (2009). Ethical theory and business (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. 


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Building an Idea FactoryResources Building an Idea Factory.Based upon the information in this unit’s readings, post answers for the following:Which companies in these examples appear to be the best pursuers of incremental innovation? Also, of breakthrough innovation? Does one approach seem to work better than the other?How well would Apple’s approach work at Toyota? How well would Toyota ‘s CCC21 approach work at Apple?250 – 300 words ———————————————————————————————————————————————–Job Loss SignalsIn this current business environment, it is not uncommon for people to lose their jobs. Most of the time, job loss is not the result of poor performance. To help you further your career, you are to list at least ten signs that indicate you are about to lose your job. Consider budget changes, body language of your supervisor, and external and internal environments, just to name a few. 250 – 300 words_______________________________________________________________________The Future of The New York TimesResources The Future of the New York Times.Based upon the information in this unit’s readings, answer the following:Is there a necessary trade-off between the company philosophy and the core goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth? Consider the New York Times example, and support your answer with what you have learned from the textbook.Public image is an important concept for any firm. This is particularly true for the Times as a large daily newspaper that has a nationwide readership. Why is it important for firms to address the question of their public image even without public agitation or scandal? What about company self-concept? How does this relate to the situation in the case?250 – 300 words________________________________________________________________________________________IBM and Multibusiness StrategyResources Beyond Blue.Based upon the information in this unit’s readings, create a post that answers the following:What is IBM’s corporate or multibusiness strategy for the twenty-first century, and how is it different from its long-standing strategy?What does the case title “Beyond Blue” mean?250 – 300 words  


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Case Study 2: St. Luke’s Health Care System

Due Week 8 and worth 140 points

Read the case study titled “St. Luke’s Health Care System” found at the end of Chapter 14 and linked here as a PDF.

Write a fully developed paper in which you:

Assess the probable difficulties of the IT executives at St. Luke’s view wireless networking as key lever in their quest to increase clinician productivity and improved patient care. 

Analyze how the Mobility XE enables the IT department to centrally manage all wireless devices used by clinicians. 

Critique the Mobility works solution and recommend one change to the solution to provide better productivity and improved patient care. 

Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. 

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Analyze the technologies and architectures that have been developed for networking over shorter distances.

Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the following rubric.


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Directions: Answer the questions listed below.  Your response to each question should be at least one page in length and provide strong examples and details. 1.      How did the allies fashion a peace settlement 1815, and what radical ideas emerged between 1815 and 1848? 2.      How did strong leaders and nation-building transform Italy, Germany, and Russia? 3.      How did nationalism and socialism shape European politics in the decades before the Great War? 4.      What was the impact of urban growth on cities, social classes, families, and ideas?


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Answer the following essay question, providing sufficient evidence for your arguments,

and citing sources from instructor’s lectures, and/or John King Fairbank and Merle Goldman, China: A New History (2006), as well as Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook (1993) [Because the final examination question is about the course contents taught before the end of face-to-face instruction, you can cite instructor’s lectures only. If you missed too many classes or did not take notes of lectures, try to find your answers from the two textbooks. There is no need to cite sources beyond instructor’s lectures and the two textbooks].

The essay should be approximately 5 pages in length, and typed double-spaced. It should also follow an academic style in footnotes and bibliography. For the academic style, see “Week 12 Detailed Lecture Outlines” in the coursespace, or refer to [UVic] Department of History’s “History Essay Style Guide” at:

Mao Zedong’s communist revolution in China achieved continuous successes in 1937-1945 but sustained devastating failures in 1958-1976. Please discuss why and how Mao’s policies led his revolutionary movement to such different results during the two historical periods.


Short Response Paper: Motivation, Stress, and Time Management (Workplace Dynamics) – Due Tomorrow 2/16/19 essay help: essay help

DUE TOMORROW: 2/16/19 BY 13:00

Minimum of 3 paragraphs

For this short response paper, discuss the ways in which motivation, stress, and time management can influence workplace dynamics, using your own experiences as a reference. In doing this, you will address the elements below in one paragraph each.

Specifically, the following critical elements MUST be addressed:

     I. Motivation: Describe a way in which organizations can influence workplace motivation, using an example from your own experience where this was done effectively or ineffectively. What was the result on workplace dynamics?

     II. Workplace Stress: Describe how an organization, and specifically organization leaders, can minimize workplace stress. Provide an example from your own experience here as well, explaining how the organization’s action reduced stress in the workplace.

     III. Time Management: Describe how you, as a leader, can use effective practices in time management to prioritize your time for critical issues in the workplace. Why is prioritizing your time important?


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Part A1. Case Study: Use the Internet to research the case of Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1: In a narrative format, in a minimum of 400 words, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. Part B1. After reading Chapter 9 of your text, discuss the difference between human rights, legal rights, and moral rights.  2. Apply these three to the Tennessee v. Garner case, discussing the ramifications of each.  3. Research the Prima Facie Duties proposed by author W.D. Ross. In the Garner case, what duties of fidelity did the officers owe the victim, and what duties of justice were breached? Part C1.Executive Decisions If you were the Chief of the Memphis Police Department during the Tennessee v. Garner case, what ethical dilemmas do you think should be addressed immediately upon the Supreme Court’s decision?


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 1. E-Tronics is a well-established, publicly traded  manufacturing company that has been in business for over 50 years.  E-Tronics is reviewing a potential acquisition of a manufacturing plant  of 120 employees in India. This would be E-Tronics’ first time having a  physical operation in India. As part of the review of labor, the Chief  Human Resources Officer (CHRO) recommends an environmental scan as part  of the long-term planning for the operation. Why is this the best  approach to recommend?   

  Environmental scanning allows the company to evaluate what  environmental, health, and safety protocols need to be implemented at  the new plant.

  Environmental scanning allows the company to review both the domestic  laws and foreign laws of the new country to understand what changes need  to be made to the employee handbook.

  Environmental scanning allows the company to assess the tax advantages  of the new business to see how favorable the stock will respond as part  of this new acquisition.

  Environmental scanning allows the company to examine both the  demographic and social factors of the labor force to understand how the  future of employment looks.

2. A new Operations Manager at E-Tronics would like to get a  head start on recruiting for an upcoming role that will have key  oversight of the new assembly line. He already has one person in mind  that he feels will be perfect for the role based on his past experience.  As the HR Manager asks more about the candidate, she learns that both  the Operations Manager and the candidate went to college together and  have been best friends since college. She also learns that they have  never worked together before. What is the appropriate guidance the HR  Manager should consider?   

  Research indicates that people are more likely to quit because of a  manager than because of any other variable. Considering the candidate  and hiring manager already have a good relationship, this candidate  already has a great chance of success and should be allowed to continue  on in the process.

  The HR Manager is responsible for all recruitment initiatives and  should step in and take the place of the hiring manager. The Operations  Manager is already too biased to make the appropriate decision.

  In order for an organization to meet its long-term goals, it must have  the proper mix of employees with the right knowledge, skills, and  abilities. The HR Manager should stress this importance while looking  closely at all candidates.

  If the candidate is selected, the HR manager keep a close eye on the  relationship as the candidate progresses through onboarding and  orientation. If feedback is provided down the road that things aren’t  working, the HR Manager will have all the documentation needed.

3. E-Tronics is pursuing the India plant acquisition and is  working with current plant management to review all operational details.  As part of the process, the plant management that is being acquired is  asking for solutions for a way to track all employee data and  transactions. What recommendations should the new HR department make?   

  The HR department should recommend a new HRIS that is built for  businesses that have between 50–250 employees. As the site has 120  employees, this will fit perfectly for the plant.

  The HR department should leverage the currently existing HRIS platform,  which has the scalability to provide specific features for a plant as  little as 120.

  The HR department should recommend a partnership with the IT department  to build from scratch a homegrown system that fits the criteria of the  current environment. This allows for a unique cross-functional project  and will highlight how the parent company can work with the newly  acquired plant.

  The HR department should allow plant management to keep personal  records and notes and postpone the solution 1–2 years until the  post-integration phase is completed.

4. The Global Vice President of Operations prefers to keep a  close eye on things and ultimately have his hand in all processes. He  has asked not only to have visibility into all HRIS transactions for the  company but that he has approvals on every transaction as well. The  complexity of this request is quite high. How should the HRIS team  handle the situation?   

  The team should caution the leader on the time waste it may be for him  but provide an alternative option in which access is given to his  executive assistant. The leader can then receive updates on what  transactions are taking place with the filtering done by the assistant.

  The team should provide the leader with visibility and approval chain  access because the company believes in honesty and transparency. The  leader is one of the main advocates of this value statement.

  The team should advise the leader who should have access and in what  transactions having visibility and approvals make sense. HR can help  minimize stress for business leaders, not make it worse.

  The team should provide an alternative option of having daily reports  sent to the leader with the data aggregated and summarized because HRIS  systems enable countless transactions to be processed on a daily basis.  This will be the most efficient use of the leader’s time.

5. The Assembly Manager, who has been with the company for  only three months, previously came from a small specialty fabrication  shop of 20 people. He has commented on doing the upcoming fiscal year’s  strategic planning for his department on his own because that was the  process he was used to at his previous company. What are the risks of  this business leader conducting this review without the HR department’s  influence?   

  The process doesn’t actually need HR advice at the department level. HR  provides the best value when looking at entire businesses, not  departments.

  The process would lack the strategic value provided by HR professionals  in understanding the employment landscape, walking business leaders  through human capital forecasting, and executing the day-to-day staffing  requirements.

 The process would lack the legal knowledge required to ensure the Assembly department doesn’t break employment laws.

  The process would miss out on accurate employee engagement activities  such as parties and community service days, which need to be built into  the plan for next year.   

6. At a recent roundtable discussion, the HR Manager heard  several employees talk about their goals for internal promotions,  further professional development, and the desire to reach higher career  milestones. As the HR Manager goes through this feedback, what is the  best action she can recommend?   

  She can begin processing their transfers to the roles they have  identified and ensure each employee knows that E-Tronics takes action  when employees speak.

  She can ask the respective managers to follow up with each employee and  ensure that they work out a plan. Managers are in the best position to  help their employees with career goals.

  She can write up an individual development plan (IDP) for each employee  and provide it to them so that they can begin their path to the next  opportunity.

  She can analyze succession planning as part of a short-range plan to  see how many of these employees are ready for the next role up, need  further development, or still need more time to develop in their current  role.    

7. E-Tronics is now in place in the India plant. During the  job analysis discussion, the Plant Manager recommended to the interim HR  Manager that each person be evaluated in their roles because each of  their tasks and skills is very different. The Plant Manager feels this  will have a personal touch for each employee, which is important. What  is important to consider as the interim HR Manager determines how best  to support this process?   

  Cultural trends at the plant have indicated Indian culture thrives on  individuality. It is important for company processes to honor this and  therefore have specific job levels and roles for each individual.

  Appropriate categorization requires a thorough review of all jobs  throughout the company worldwide. The interim HR Manager needs to work  with the Global HR leadership team to review all profiles.

  Appropriate categorization requires looking at broader job levels,  rather than individual people and consequently assigning a role to  several people within a job level.

  In order to save time on the process, the HR Manager can have other  team leads and managers help out by asking each of their team members  for these job details. They can then summarize and send this data to the  HR Manager for record keeping.    

8. As part of the process for understanding the current  profile of employees, the HR Manager develops a questionnaire for each  employee to fill out. The survey asks an array of questions, including  items such as language skills, educational background, job history, and  personal interests and hobbies. Some concerns have been brought up by  employees indicating that they don’t want to share anything personal  because they don’t fully understand how the information will be used.  How can the HR Manager best respond to concerns of this nature?   

  The HR manager can communicate that because the company wants to  attract and retain the best employees, it needs to understand the  current group of employees to know what profiles to hire in the future.

  The HR manager can show how a skills inventory is actually a great tool  for employees so they can evaluate on a peer-to-peer basis what  everyone else is doing and how effective they are in their roles.

  The HR manager can communicate openly that a skills inventory is  intended to provide the company a clear snapshot of which employees are  performing well, and which ones are not. While intrusive, it will help  the company succeed in the long run.

  The HR manager can describe how a skills inventory allows the company  to understand the knowledge and skills of everyone to help facilitate  greater development for each person. It may also highlight untapped  potential in employees that haven’t been identified.    

9. As part of the manufacturing site’s Annual Operating Plan  (AOP), the business announces a new venture with a sister plant that  will bring in approximately 25% more raw materials with the specific  task of machining the material in the plant. The senior leadership team  is reviewing production and machine capacity over the course of three  years as part of increased demand. How can the HR Director best support  this new business initiative?   

  The HR Director can rely on the operation line managers to understand  unit demand and what capacity the current machines have. This  information is then correlated with human capital and a plan is put in  place.

 The HR Director can hire 25% more temporary workers. This is shorter term work and the demand will only last three years.

  The HR Director can hire 25% more employees in response to the increase  in raw materials. The increase in production needs to have a 1:1 ratio  of human capital.

  The HR Director can leverage human capital at the sister plant to  ensure this increase in production hits the daily targets. One of the  most effective ways to make a process efficient is to leverage shared  human capital.   

10. One of the core HR strengths at E-Tronics is the ability to  utilize HR analytics and apply them to operational scenarios. One of  the most frequent requests is for help in forecasting employment needs.  Why is work-load analysis the most accurate way of forecasting  employment needs?   

 Work-load analysis utilizes key information such as actual work content and productivity ratios.

 Work-load analysis utilizes key information such as probabilistic forecasting and past movement.

 Work-load analysis utilizes key information such as statistical relationships amongst employment related data.

 Work-load analysis utilizes key information such as quantitative relationships between critical variables.

11. The newly appointed plant HR Manager officially starts in  India. Her first objective is to complete a thorough HR audit and review  details at the site-specific level. While many details are missing, her  review reveals that historical turnover trends show over 80% of  turnover was caused by involuntary separation. How should the HR Manager  proceed?   

  The HR Manager should review the selection procedures as well as  specific knowledge and skills currently held by management to evaluate  if better training and supervision is required.

  The HR Manager should contact all former employees who left within the  last 12 months and conduct an exit interview. This will help her best  understand the actual reasons for their exit.

  The HR Manager should prepare a site-wide presentation reviewing  company benefits and really encourage the new site to consider what  great benefits are offered to them if they remain employed with  E-Tronics.

  The HR Manager should contact local competitors for a market analysis  and determine if 80% involuntary turnover is common in the local market.

12. In E-Tronics’ competitive business landscape, business  leaders expect innovative, strategic guidance by knowledgeable experts.  The Plant Manager in Michigan has requested that either the HR Manager  (whom he trusts deeply) or an outside analyst he knows as an expert  provide guidance on the operation’s long-term staffing plan. Why is this  approach one of the least effective for planning?   

 Experts rely too much on subjective and anecdotal experiences that don’t provide the most clear guidance.

  Expert consulting fees are so high that it takes years to break-even  after receiving consultation services and actually forecasting a better  headcount.

 Experts collaborate too much with other subject matters experts and ultimately cannot agree on a single path forward.

 Experts that can perfectly understand the context for the business and its specific operations are very difficult to find.   

13. A year into the India acquisition, line leaders highlight  concerns regarding the staffing levels and the quality output of certain  machines. Some machines are running near 98% capacity with many quality  issues while others are running at only 63% with barely any quality  issues. The HR Manager feels confident there is enough historical data  to start highlighting relationships between staffing, machine  utilization, and quality control. Why is a regression analysis an  effective tool for this problem?   

 Regression analysis removes the need for short- and middle-range planning because of its high levels of long-term accuracy.

  Regression analysis enables the business to look at how specific  variables interact and gives a high degree of confidence in projecting  future needs.

  Regression analysis evaluates the line operator job description details  to make sure they are both valid and reliable to what the job is  supposed to be.

  Regression analysis helps identify which operators are the most  productive employees and therefore provides information on how to model  future training.

14. E-Tronics has a small plant of only 120 employees in Oregon  that has gone through quite a bit of unrest within the last year. There  have been three restructures and a lot of turnover due to local  competitive pressure. Now that the pressure and the company landscape  have normalized, the plant leadership is attempting to forecast staffing  requirements for the following year. Among many methods to use, why  should the HR Manager be hesitant to recommend the Markov Analysis?   

 Markov analysis requires a fairly stable situation with many people in each job category.

  Markov analysis requires cross-functional collaboration with key  stakeholders and departments such as Finance to review budgetary  considerations.

 Markov analysis requires a highly complex statistical review of three or more variables for the most effective output.

 Markov analysis requires multiple sources of experts utilizing the Delphi technique.

15. Business leaders often look to HR for specific guidance on  how to staff a business and avoid unhealthy levels of turnover. HR has  an increasingly important role in mitigating employee movement during  economic downturns, such as in 2008 and 2020, when global markets are in  flux and labor markets are directly impacted. How can HR professionals  add the most value economic downturns?   

  Periods of low and/or high unemployment result in inverse turnover  rates as employees either find more suitable options for employment or  stay put until markets normalize. HR professionals can advise and  strategize a business’s plans accordingly.

  Spikes in unemployment may make employees panic and cause them to leave  for a more stable company. HR professionals are well positioned to  decrease turnover rates by persuading employees not to leave.

  While HR professionals aren’t equipped to look at micro and macro  economic data, it is paramount for HR professionals to have a strong  network to tap into and through which to understand workforce  implications.

  HR professionals can advise employees looking to leave of the types of  government assistance programs that are available to them. It is  critical for HR professionals to keep up-to-date on federal and state  programs.

16. Alliance Data is a new start-up looking to rival E-Tronics  in a highly competitive market. While the company only has 150  employees, business leaders would like to use some of the most recent  high tech solutions as a way to get ahead of the game. They recommend to  HR to go all in and invest in the best and most sophisticated planning  systems available. How can HR best respond to business leaders in this  scenario?   

  If Operations is willing to pay for sophisticated human resource  planning systems and the necessary resources to manage the process, HR  will agree to the new implementation.

  Although technology and tools are useful for a more robust process,  simple stage I modeling that reduces cost and hassle can be just as  effective for a small company looking to grow. HR will stick with stage I  modeling.

  The only way to bring in better talent and manage systems more  effectively is through sophisticated human resource planning systems. HR  will invest heavily in systems used by large, successful corporations.

  Rather than using sophisticated systems, HR will adopt quick rules of  thumb based on the past experiences of each employee. Given the maturity  of the business, a stage II model will provide the most success.


What is the probability that McGee Carpet and Trim will finish the project in 40 days or less? essay help free

McGee Carpet and Trim installs carpets in commercial offices.  Andrea McGee has been very concerned with the amount of time it took to complete several recent jobs.  Some of her workers are very unreliable.  A list of activities and their optimistic completion time, the most likely completion time, and the pessimistic completion time (all in days) for a new contract are provided in a given table.  Following are the activities that are required to install the carpets in the offices: Activity 1 (Measure office room dimensions), Activity 2(Estimate cost), Activity 3 (Material Requisition), Activity 4 (Workforce Requisition), Activity 5 (Special Tool Requisition), Activity 6(Installation), Activity 7 (Inspection and customer acceptance).Activity 2 starts immediately after Activity 1. Activity 3, Activity 4, and Activity 5 start concurrently after Activity 2. Activity 6 does not start until after Activity 3, Activity 4, and Activity 5 are completed. The carpet installation project is complete after Activity 7 is completed. If OT = Optimistic Time, MT = Most Likely Time, and PT = Pessimistic Time, use Program Evaluation Review Estimate (PERT) to compute the statistical time for each activity in the table shown below.   ActivitiesOTMTPTActivity 14614Activity 251216Activity 371523Activity 4131628Activity 5172035Activity 6203250Activity 75613    Also, (a) Determine the expected completion time and the variance for each activity (b) Determine the total project completion time and the critical path for the project.  (c) Determine Early Start (ES), Early Finish (EF), Late Start (LS), and slack for each activity.  What is the probability that McGee Carpet and Trim will finish the project in 40 days or less?  


Week 7 Case study Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited writing essay help

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center.

Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.

Case Study 2: Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

Due Week 7 and worth 150 points

Read the case study in Chapter 12 of the Bidgoli textbook titled “Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited”.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

Summarize the main reason(s) that prompted Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) to use collaboration technologies.

Identify the platform that IAL chose as an online portal and content management system, and describe the main reason(s) why IAL chose such a specific platform.

Discuss the significant attributes of a wiki, and describe the overall manner in which IAL uses wikis for its internal collaboration.

Speculate on the main challenges that IAL could face when implementing groupware, and suggest one (1) step that IAL could take in order to mitigate the challenges in question.

Use at least three (3) quality reference. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Identify emerging technologies that enable new forms of communication, collaboration, and partnering.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in information systems.

Write clearly and concisely about management information systems using proper writing mechanics.

Click here to view the grading rubric.


Module 3 Assignment 2: Scanners and Xerox With the advent of scanners and the universality of the portable document format (PDF), the market for optical copiers is shrinking rapidly. Can a company such as Xerox Corporation survive? In this assignment, y college application essay help: college application essay help

 I Will need the answer to this homework by Tuesday, September 10, 2013.   Module 3 Assignment 2: Scanners and XeroxWith the advent of scanners and the universality of the portable document format (PDF), the market for optical copiers is shrinking rapidly. Can a company such as Xerox Corporation survive? In this assignment, you will address this question.Research the issues faced by Xerox from 2000–2010 and the solutions found using the assigned readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Specifically review the company’s annual report at the following:Xerox Corporation to the following:Identify multiple business pressures on Xerox.Describe some of the company’s response strategies.Identify the role of IT as a contributor to the business technology pressures (for example, obsolescence).Identify the role of IT as a facilitator of Xerox’s critical response activities.Support your positions with reasons and examples based on your research.Write a 2–3-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_M2_A2.doc.By deliver your assignment to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsDescribed the problems and solutions of Xerox from 2000–2010.12Identified multiple business pressures on Xerox.12Discussed Xerox’s response strategies.16Identified the role of IT as a contributor to the business technology pressures (for example, obsolescence).16Identified the role of IT as a facilitator of Xerox’s critical response activities.16Writing is clear, concise, and in an organized manner; demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.8Total:80  


BUS 311 Week 5 Final Paper best college essay help

 Final Paper You are the manager of Acme Fireworks, a fireworks retailer who sells fireworks, puts on ground display fireworks, and large aerial display fireworks. The company started in the owner’s garage two years ago and now has 15 employees that you manage. The company started as a sole proprietorship, and the owner has never changed the entity. The owner has informed you that the company has received inquiries from several large businesses wondering if the company could create several fireworks displays on a regular basis. The owner told the inquirers that the company could fill such display orders, and a price per display was agreed upon. It was discussed that most of the cost for a fireworks display is for skilled labor, insurance, and the actual service of setting off the fireworks. No other details were discussed. The owner is anticipating that new employees will need to be hired, but he is worried that if the large orders for fireworks displays do not continue, the company will not have the funds to pay the new employees. The owner is now considering changing the business entity, but he does not know what entity to form or how to form it. The owner has asked you to do the following:Determine if the contracts with the businesses will be governed by common law or the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and explain why. Analyze whether the owner formed a contract with the businesses, and apply the five essential elements of an enforceable contract.Explain the potential personal liability to Acme Fireworks if a spectator is injured by a stray firework from a fireworks display.Discuss the different employment types and relationships relevant to agency law, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type specific to Acme Fireworks.Explain why Acme Fireworks should not operate as a sole proprietorship. Recommend a new business entity, and provide rationale to support your recommendation. For each task, be sure to analyze the relevant law, apply the facts to the law, and make a conclusion. Writing the Final Paper The Final Paper: Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length (not including the title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Must include a title page with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedMust begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. That is, describe what your response is to the content, either positive or negative, and defend your position. If multiple options, alternatives, and/or positions are present and are being rejected, you must also defend the reasons for rejecting an option.Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.Must include at least five scholarly sources, two of which must be from the Ashford University Library, in addition to the course textbook.Must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Must include a separate references page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


software engineering methodology (Information systems) a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

write a report or critique on project management methodologies approx 1500 words(ref not included).

with refrence and no plagerisim

please read the attached word file carefully for details


Information technology for managers best college essay help: best college essay help

case study in the capstone3 pdf file. 

 CASE STUDY.  Read the following case and answer questions 1, 3, & 5 only. 


Kenworth Motors Case Study Essays and Term Papers scholarship essay help

        Kenworth Motors Case  As a consulting you mostly have to be compelled to come back and prepare before you meet the potential shopper.   The proposal should be gift at the meeting.   As i’m reading this case study, i believed it absolutely was simply a proper personal review of a gathering that 2 business partners that reach out for facilitate.   I don’t believe that the adviser was ready for the meeting.   He simply talks to the shopper and attend a firm that he knew nothing concerning.   He failed to have associate degree agenda of what the business was all concerning and he wasn’t centered concerning the agenda.   He manager himself doesn’t even grasp what’s the matter that running within the company before having the consulting to return in.  If he’s an expert adviser, he ought to initial analysis concerning the organization and ready himself a trifle higher. additionally he has to do some analysis on the management and it operation inside the organization.   One issue that I will offer credit to the current consulting is that he’s a decent trafficker.   He initial begins his question concerning the plant and product of theorganization and semiconductor diode the manager to speak concerning completely different topic of their product. additionally each the manager and adviser had a positive perspective toward everything.  The adviser lay out the retreat however didn’t have any arrange of however the retreat would facilitate their issues.   Everything wasn’t in writing and also the time to arrange for the retreat is just too short to even harden.  As a consulting, he wasn’t professionally gift his action and plans to gift however it’ll facilitate the potential shopper.   This case study shows a really ineffective ways in which of doing consulting for giant organization. additionally it permits you to suppose that hiring effective consulting isn’t by victimization mutual acquaintance. this can be a decent example of contract meeting of what to try and do or to not do.  I think this initial meeting goes well however with unprepared consulting will cause several wrong direction and cause failure as a adviser however additionally injury the corporate name.   There area unit several   effective methods to assist consulting to own an expert contract meeting.


com 320 custom essay help: custom essay help

please complete below


 1. Jesse wants me to investigate GanttProject software to determine whether it would be suitable for SCR. She asked me to prepare a summary of pros and cons, and a sample of screen shots and information.

2. Jesse likes the idea of using task completion estimates with best-case, probable-case, and worst-case estimates. She said that I should use typical formulas and weight values to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that would make it easier to calculate expected task durations.

3. To practice my skills, Jesse asked me to create an imaginary project with at least 12 tasks, which include dependent, multiple predecessor, and multiple successor tasks. She wants me to create a list showing the tasks and dependencies, and patterns. She also needs to know the duration, start, and finish for each task. She said to use my best guess regarding duration, and we could adjust it later.

4. Jesse wants me to prepare a brief handout for the other team members with some do’s and don’ts regarding project management. She wants me to include at least image. She suggested either a screenshot or a drawing that would show some aspect of project planning.


GED210 Unit 1 Exam Introduction to Cultural Anthropology scholarship essay help

 GED210 Unit 1 Exam Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)   1. Which of the following would not be considered a specialization within the discipline of physical anthropology? a. human anatomy b. paleopathology c. primatology d. phonology   2. The material products of former societies are known as: a. artifacts. b. fossils. c. legacies. d. antiquaries.   3. Anthropologist, Spencer Wells, is the director of the genoraphic project which is: a. making significant contributions to the philosophy of archaeology. b. conducting ethnographic fieldwork among the Vanomamö Indians of Venezuela. c. helping to illuminate the migrations of humans throughout the world. d. using computer technology to do cross-cultural comparisons.   4. Kelley Hays-Gilpin, a southwestern U.S. Archaeologist, studied: a. Brazil. b. gender approaches to the archaeological record. c. tropical rainforests. d. East Africa.   5. The people known as classical archaeologists conduct research on: a. ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. b. the evolution of prehistoric stone tools. c. societies of the more recent past. d. ancestors of contemporary Native Americans.   6. Research on artifacts found in the remains of slave quarters at an 18th century tobacco plantation in Virginia would be an example of: a. historical archaeology. b. forensic anthropology. c. applied anthropology. d. classical archaeology.       7. One of the most important tool types invented by homo erectus was the: a. Mousterian hammerstone. b. Clovis projectile point. c. Neolithic grinding stone. d. Acheulian hand axe.   8. The stone tool industry associated with Neanderthal populations was called the:  a. Oldowan complex. b. Mousterian tradition. c. Acheulian technology. d. Chopper tool system. e. Composite tool tradition.   9. The climate characteristic of environments occupied by Neanderthals was: a. hot. b. warm. c. temperate. d. cold.   10. Fossil and archaeological evidence suggests that the first hominids to practice intentional burial of their dead were: a. modern upper Paleolithic homo sapiens. b. Homo erectus. c. neanderthals. d. Homo habilis.   11. The remains of four individuals, one of whom appears to have been surrounded by a bed of flowers, represent the first evidence of intentional burial. They were found at an archaeological site in: a. England. b. Mexico. c. China. d. Iraq.   12. Evidence suggesting that there were religious beliefs among Neanderthals includes: a. cave paintings of supernatural beings. b. small chambers in the far recesses of caves that contained “religious objects,” primarily clay figures of gods and goddesses. c. stone-lined rectangular pits containing dozens of cave bear skulls. d. burial sites.       13. The earliest traces of material culture are: a. fossil teeth of the species australopithecus. b. words like “ma” to indicate mother. c. simple stone tools, like choppers and scrapers. d. forms of social organization among different primates.   14. Which of the following would not be considered a form of material culture? a. igloos. b. cufflinks. c. lullabies. d. forks   15. The term “ideology” refers to: a. signs and symbols used to communicate particular ideas. b. beliefs and values supporting the interests of a group. c. specific expressions of material culture. d. a faulty or misguided world view.   16. One example of an ideology would be: a. Capitalism. b. Egyptian hieroglyphs. c. Navajo sand paintings. d. the Big Bang theory.   17. __________ may occur when one dominant group in a complex society imposes its cultural beliefs on subordinate ethnic groups. For example, the dominant ethnic group in the U.S. during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (the white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants) was able to impose its language, cultural beliefs, and practices on other minority groups in U.S. society. a. Cultural hegemony b. Cultural chaos c. Multiculturalism d. Ethnic superiority   18. Norms are: a. prohibitions against a particular kind of behavior. b. values that are accepted by every human society. c. a given society’s rules for right and wrong behavior. d. individuals who look like the majority of people.         19. In her classic work Patterns of Culture (1934), Ruth Benedict used the terms “apollonian” and “dionysian” to describe: a. cultural “personalities” of pueblo and plains Indians. b. religious cults of northern and southern Greece. c. rituals of warfare and celebration in the South Pacific. d. contrasting models of cultural diffusion.   20. Margaret Mead got most of her information on the behavior of adolescents in Samoa from: a. accounts of travelers and missionaries. b. newspaper accounts and government reports. c. watching ethnographic films. d. interviewing young women.   21. The central object of Mead’s study, Coming of Age in Samoa (1928), was to determine whether or not: a. kinship patterns in Samoa could be attributed to diffusion from China. b. the events of World War II had an effect on traditional family structure in Samoa. c. the transition from adolescence into adulthood was stressful in all societies. d. maturation rates of Samoan teenagers were directly related to race and heredity.   22. After spending nine months in Samoa and working with individuals in three different villages, Margaret Mead concluded that: a. Samoan society differed little from that of the U.S. in the 1920s. b. many key elements of Samoan culture had diffused from Thailand. c. Franz Boas’ theories of cultural relativism had serious flaws. d. becoming an adult was less stressful in Samoa than in the U.S.   23. One of the principal criticisms of the culture-and-personality school is that: a. there is no evidence for a biological link between culture and personality. b. it tends to assume greater uniformity in personality than actually exists in society. c. the investigation of personality should be done by psychologists, not anthropologists. d. individual behavior is more important than the behavior of a whole society.   24. Functionalist anthropologists have suggested that incest taboos originated in order to: a. encourage alliances and cooperation between descent groups. b. avoid the serious consequences of genetic interbreeding. c. strengthen the role of patrilineal descent groups. d. regulate and limit sexual behavior within small communities.           25. Research on the “childhood familiarity hypothesis” supports the notion that: a. unrelated children raised together make good marriage partners. b. children who have grown up in the same household share sexual attractions. c. children living in close association with one another develop mutual sexual aversion. d. unrelated adolescents who live together are likely to become erotically involved.   


HIUS 221 Week 4 Journal essay help

HIUS 221 Week 4 Journal


HIUS 221 Quiz 1

HIUS 221 Quiz 2 

HIUS 221 Quiz 3

HIUS 221 Quiz 4

HIUS 221 Week 4 Journal

HIUS 221 Primary Source And Presentation Review 1

HIUS 221 Primary Source And Presentation Review 2

HIUS 221 Primary Source And Presentation Review 5

HIUS 221 Mind Tap Module 2.3

HIUS 221 Mind Tap Module 2.4

HIUS 221 Mindtap Module 2.4 Part 2

HIUS 221 Mindtap Module 3.2

HIUS 221 Mindtap Module 3.3

HIUS 221 Mindtap Module 3.5


Project Management at MM Case Study scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Read the Project Management at MM Case Study on pages 324-327 in the textbook.

Answer the Discussion Questions at the end of the Case Study

Discussion Questions 

1. Some organizational factors increase a project’s likelihood of success. Identify these “facilitators” for the Green project. 

2. Other organizational factors decrease a project’s likelihood of success. Identify these “barriers” for the Green project. 

3. Outline the things that McCann needs to do right away.

No Plagiarism

APA Format

750 – 1000 words


cmrj302 college essay help online

150 word agree or dis agree

1. Discuss some of the legislative actions that have impacted law enforcement recruitment and hiring.

Some of the legislative actions that have impacted law enforcement recruitment and hiring are The Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act protects 5 groups which are race, gender, color, religion and national origin.  The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) was created to oversee The Civil Rights Act and make sure that when being hired everyone is being treated fairly. Another legislative action that have impacted law enforcement recruitment and hiring is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 which means any person that is over the age of 40 cannot be discriminated against when applying for a job. “Employment decisions cannot be based solely on age. BUT, note the complicated exception for mandatory retirement and hiring ages for public safety positions.” (Redlich, n.d.)

2. Recruitment is an issue in law enforcement. How can law enforcement leaders improve recruitment?

According to our lesson, “police recruitment is at a historic low. This decline in recruitment is affecting big city departments as well as small town agencies” (“Police Training Styles”, 2019). I feel that law enforcement leaders can improve recruitment by offering small bonuses after completing the academy and being accepted into a law enforcement agency. Speaking from experience in the Army, which I understand is different but somewhat similar to how law enforcement works offering bonuses may improve recruitment. The Army will offer bonuses at the time of enlistment and also sometimes during reenlistment. I feel that if this was something that was offered more people would be interested. To ensure that people are qualified the process should remain the same and if the recruit can maintain a good records and are at the top of their class more of a bonus should be offered.

3. Compare and contrast the two basic recruit training methodologies, the academic model used by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the paramilitary model used in most police academies.

According to lesson 3 “Police academies operate using two very different methods for training police recruits. The paramilitary model and the academic model” (“Police Training Styles”, 2019)

Also known as being either the stress model of training or non- stress model. Paramilitary recruit training originated from military type training. Not only do they share similarities in training but also the wearing on uniforms, badges and awards. The structures in rank is a very big similarity. The academic model also known as a non- stress model is a more or less new way that has come about to train police and is more focused on individual academic achievement. This way of training police officers is said to help them better understand human nature. 

Police Training Styles. (2019). Retrieved 17 July 2019, from

Redlich, J. United States Federal Laws Impacting Recruitment and Hiring. Retrieved 17 July 2019, from


Human Research Paper essay help free: essay help free

Write a 4-page research paper, titled Pay for Performance Controversial in APA 7 format using the terms, concepts, and theories in the chapters provided on the main points below (they become Level One Headings). 

Choose any U.S. based business entity and answer the 3 points below:

1. Identify how an organization could measure the effectiveness of their pay-for-performance plans (provide examples to support your ideas or concepts).

2. Discuss the disadvantages of using a pay-for-performance plan from an employee’s perspective.

3. Discuss the disadvantages of using a pay-for-performance plan from an employer’s perspective.


-Double-spaced, 4 pages not counting the title, Abstract, and reference pages

-Title Page: Pay for Performance Controversial



-The body of the paper addresses the main points of your discussion

-Headings used to organize the body of the paper


-Reference page with 5 references and properly cited in the text


Business LAW Help needed ASAP a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

I need help with this ASAP. It is due tonight  Case Scenario: Rubin owns and operates a florist business, Flower World, Inc., (Flower) from a shop in his Ohio hometown. Flowers advertises and sells in Ohio from the shop, and advertises and sells over the internet. Using Flower’s website and her credit card, on April 5, Louise purchased $5,000 worth of live wedding flowers from her home in Dallas, Texas. She requested the flowers to be shipped to a hotel in Indiana, the site of the wedding, on April 15.   The flowers arrived on April 14, the day before the wedding, but Louise claimed they were withered and unusable. Louise sued Flowers in a Texas court to recover her $5,000.   Ross, on behalf of Flowers, filed a motion to dismiss claiming the Texas court has no jurisdiction. A.   Analyze and explain/justify your rationale: which court has jurisdiction to hear the case, and why?B. What is the legal basis for the court’s jurisdiction over Flowers (i.e., what type of jurisdiction exists over Flowers)?C.   Would you advise Ross to use ADR or go to court to resolve this dispute? Why or why not?   If you advise ADR, which type of ADR would you recommend and why?  Comprehensively, specifically justify/support and explain your rationale for your conclusions. Use in text citations and a list of References. This learning activity focuses on constitutional authority to regulate business and constitutional law concepts.Case Scenario:  City enacted a city zoning ordinance that barred outdoor advertising display signs – including billboards – on all public roads within the city limits. Billboards on-site on any public or private business location are exempt from this ordinance, and thus, permissible.   City claimed the ordinance was necessary to promote public traffic safety and aesthetics. Max, Inc., a company in the business of leasing commercial billboards to advertisers, and the primary billboard provider in City, sued City alleging the zoning ordinance is unconstitutional. A. If you were the jury in this case, how would you rule on the constitutionality of the ordinance and why?B.  If you were an attorney advising City, what would you advise them to claim is the most logical legal basis/constitutional authority for City to enact the ordinance and why?  Answer each question part in paragraph format using APA in text citations, as appropriate, from the assigned materials.


Humanities Comparative Essay writing essay help

Assignment 1: Project Paper – Comparative Essay

Due Week 4 and worth 190 points

Write a 750-1,000 word essay which adequately address the topic and requirements stated below. 

Step 1: Select a topic from the list below and include this topic on your title page.

Ancient Male Rulers: Select any two (2) of these rulers: Ramses II, Shihuangdi, Constantine, Ashoka, Pericles, or Charlemagne. Select rulers from different cultures.

Ancient Female Rulers: Compare the Tang Empress Wu Zetian (also known as Empress Wu or as Wu Zhao; ruled China around 690-705 AD) with either the Pharaoh Cleopatra (ruled Egypt around 51-31 BC) or the Pharaoh Hatshepsut (ruled Egypt around 1478-1458 BC).

Step 2: In your first paragraph, establish a clear thesis about your chosen subjects that addresses:

Who or what you are comparing

The dates covered for each

3-4 sentences on the reason for your choice

Step 3: Using reasonable and scholarly resources:

Compare 2 ways your choices are similar

Compare 2 ways your choices are different

Step 4: Consider your findings on the similarities and differences mentioned earlier and what it might suggest about differences between the subjects’ cultures. Using reasonable and scholarly resources:

Compare 3 ways your choices’ cultures are different

Step 5: Using reasonable and scholarly resources:

Suggest a modern day example of your first choice, and provide a rationale for your suggestion

Suggest a modern day example of your second choice, and provide a rationale for your suggestion

For Male rulers….Which President of f U.S, which Governor, Senator, Mayor reminds you of each person you have chosen… your dad or granddad, uncle,  brother, etc 

For Female Rulers….Which First lady, Lady Governor, Lady Senator, Lady Mayor reminds you of your choices.. Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, etc

Step 6: In a concluding paragraph, summarize 2 things you learned that in some way ties together with your original thesis.    

Step 7: Include a reference area that identifies at least 3 references. The class text may be included in the list of 3 or more. In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or quoting another source. (i.e., STEPS 3, 4, and 5 above)

Step 8: Formatting and writing standards are part of your grade. Align your formatting to the Strayer University Writing Standards. View the: Strayer University Writing Standards (SWS)


OCBC Bank Case Study Review the opening case study: OCBC Bank in Chapter 1 of the course text. In a three- to four- page paper, address the following: Describe OCBC’s unique approach to talent management and development. Compare OCBC’s approach college essay help near me: college essay help near me

OCBC Bank Case Study Review the opening case study: OCBC Bank in Chapter 1 of the course text. In a three- to four- page paper, address the following:Describe OCBC’s unique approach to talent management and development.Compare OCBC’s approach to talent management and development to other organizations you are familiar with (e.g., current or past employers, family business).To what extent do you agree that OCBC’s approach to talent management and development a primary contributing factor in its success? What can be other contributing factors?To what extent does OCBC’s approach to talent management and development fit other types of organizations or industries? What can be some limitations if it is applied elsewhere without modification?Conduct some additional internet research on OCBC. How has OCBC performed recently, and what has it done more of, less of, or differently in the area of human resource management? Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center and it must include citations and references for the text and at least two scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library, in addition to the two articles provided within the study itself. Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment. I need this Paperbefore te day is over. Willing to pay top dollar for an A+ paper now!!!   


Ashworth Semester Exam OR11S Achieving Academic Excellence essay help online free

OR11S : Achieving Academic Excellence

Question 1

Which is a helpful hint for kinesthetic learners?

Listen to taped lectures as review.

Write out formulas.

Trace words and diagrams on paper.

Highlight and color code notes.

Question 2

The rate of employment for college educated adults is __________ of those with a high school education.


two times

three times

four times

Question 3

In the PRESS method, the two S’s stand for:

Speak and Share.

Synthesize and Summarize.

Summarize and Speak.

Share and Synthesize.

Question 4

Which is NOT a question to ask yourself when determining whether certain information in a text is important?

Does this sentence add to the story?

Is this sentence too long to be put in simpler terms?

Does this help me understand the main idea of the text?

Can I understand what’s happening without this sentence?

Question 5

Which sentence is correct?

We is used to the noise at our house.

Jaron and Darla grills hamburgers every Saturday night.

She like the gift you bought her.

Maria and Simon go to the same school.

Question 6

Critical thinking requires looking at a topic:

several times.

from multiple perspectives.

every day.

with a professor.

Question 7

In the 50/20/30 guideline, 30% is used as:

flexible spending.

financial goals.

fixed costs.


Question 8

Working in short bursts may look something like:

reading for two hours and then taking an hour break before reading for a couple more hours.

alternating studying and taking a break every 15 minutes.

reading for 25 minutes, taking a 5-7 minute break, and resuming your reading.

setting a timer for every 10 minutes to take a stretch break.

Question 9

The memory consolidation process works:

during sleep.

while listening to a lecture.

when taking a test.

in the mornings.

Question 10

Which is NOT a typical means of communicating with your Ashworth faculty, advisors, and peers?



Online discussions

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